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Aotea Finance provides personal loans for amounts from $500 to $5000. We are happy to discuss loans for a variety of reasons such as car repairs, home improvements, debt consolidation and even holidays.

We will work out the best loan and a realistic payment plan to suit your needs.

Let us walk you through the process. We’ll discuss your options, what type of loan you are looking for and work out what we can do to help.

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Personal loans

We have a maximum loan period of 2 years.
We have a Maximum annual interest rate of 35.5%

For example $1000 loan over 1 year
Your weekly repayment would be only  $31.50

The amount borrowed – $1000
Loan Processing Fee – $140
Legal/registration Fee – $10
Payment protection Plan (optional) – $125
Interest Rate – 32.50%
Repayment term 52 weeks